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Yakisugi Wood

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Inspiration: The ancient Japanese art of wood preservation with fire

By heating with fire (Yaki) cypress (Sugi) this fragrance preserves good fortune and provides durability in all situations. Originally for the rugged working class, now considered a priceless gift from mother nature, Yakisugi Wood is a spiritual journey that is soothing and familiar, but completely enticing at the same time. Delivers centuries of hard-earned wisdom to soul in every spray.

日本の建物のように身も心もおもてなし。 燃やして焦がし、暖かさを保ち、保護する



Amber Wood


Mysterious, Adventurous, Magnetic

Olfactory Brief

Take collection of deep and bold woods, lightly char with tobacco and olibanum. Mix with invigorating aromatic notes and ground with cooling earthly vetiver and cedarwood.


Alcohol denat., Aqua (water), Parfum (fragrance), Benzyl benzoate, Eugenol, Geraniol, Linalool, Oakmoss absolute, I-Limonene.

Lavender, Sage, Elemi,
Teak wood, Buddha wood, Angelica root, Blue cypress
Vetiver, Cedarwood, Tobacco, Musk, Olibanum

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I’m really impressed by Flaner. I went to buy their Sonic Silver but after seeing the notes on Yakasugi I knew I had to get it first. A rich wood with a hint of churchy incense on a bed of honeyed warmth. The floral notes add freshness as a clever counterpoint. Now to buy my next Flaner! Do I go green or metallic!!?

yakisugi wood

a very beautiful scent that is now my every day perfume. I just love this, it is fresh, distinctive and really wears well. To shop at Flaner is a delight, the staff are sensitive, caring and wonderful people. The aroma as you walk past is enticing, I will visit regularly just to experience the well-being I experience when I walk in, thanks you to all involved. xx marg


It smells like a Forrest I’d like to stay in forever. This doesn’t smell artificial at all and can tell it’s really well blended, love it just for personal days for comfort.

Amazing unboxing experience

All in its place, added a dedicated note and some gift in the package too. Can't be happier. Thank you so much !

Rick Alcock
Quality throughout

I have been excited to receive my product after sampling recently through the Discovery Set 👍 now have my first selection and enjoying the fragrance I carry throughout the day