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Inspiration: Inspired by the 9th century instrument, the oud. 

The Oud meaning "from wood" in Arabic is a short-neck lute-type, pear shaped stringed instrument is considered to be "the King of instruments".  Well-known for its romantic rich and deep sounds. 

Agarwood, 'Wood of the Gods', Oudh is a sacred, fragrant heartwood of the Aquilaria tree. Smokey, woody & resinous 

Let this candle transport you to a realm of opulence and mystique, where every flicker of the flame releases the intoxicating and hypnotic essence of Oudh. 

Size: 200g



Woody Spicy


Warm Intense Spiritual

Olfactory Brief

Caraway, Clove Leag and Saffron Flower bring spice while oudh, vanilla and sandalwood add depth resulting in a luxurious and exotic blend reminiscent of ancient bazaars and mystical landscapes.


Olive Wax Candle fragranced with perfume.

Caraway, Clove Leaf, Ginger,
Cedarwood, Leather, Saffron Flower,
Oudh, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vanilla

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